The Trust

The Role of the Trust

The New Zealand Poppy Places Trust has been established to develop, promote, and oversee this nation-wide project to commemorate and recognise this part of the military heritage of New Zealanders. The Trust encourages New Zealanders to:

  • Identify places in New Zealand which have a link to our military involvement in a conflict or operational service overseas
  • Research and record the history of these places on the Trust's website
  • Link what we have today with the recorded history

In addition, the Poppy Places Trust will:

  • Generally, support the education and awareness of New Zealanders about our military history and heritage and the association with place names
  • Work with local, regional, and central government, the RNZRSA, New Zealand Defence Force, heritage genealogy and other organisations or community groups to advance the objectives of the Trust
  • Establish and maintain a central repository of Poppy Places as verified by the Trustees
  • Share the research and records for the benefit of the community and the national heritage of New Zealand

Meet our Trustees

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